60 years of Okhaldhunga Community Hospital!
60 years of Okhaldhunga Community Hospital!
Today on 1 Chaitra (15 March), Okhaldhunga Community Hospital can celebrate 60 years of serving their local community! The celebration took place yesterday with a short and sweet programme in the presence of two chief guests: the Mayor of the local Siddhicharan Municipality (who is the Chairperson of Hospital Advisory Committee), and the Chief District Officer (CDO) of Okhaldhunga (who is also on the Hospital Advisory Committee). 
The CDO has been impressed by our hospital care and contributions to health care delivery in Okaldhunga and surrounding districts for six decades and congratulated UMN, donors and all the staff who are committed to provide continuous services to the people. He expressed his feeling that OCH is an excellent health provider in this region.
The Mayor also remembered his childhood when this hospital was established from the dispensary called “small cottage”. The hospital is registered for 50 beds only but is often providing services to more than 100 inpatients, so we are being encouraged to upgrade to a 100-bed hospital in the near future. He encouraged us, “let OCH go ahead, and we will follow and support you wherever you feel difficulties”.  
Newly-appointed staff including those from the new mental health program and Dr Lars, a visiting orthopaedic surgeon who just arrived the same day, were warmly welcomed to OCH with flowers and traditional Khada scarves.
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