A little effort brings a big difference
A little effort brings a big difference

Jana Kalyan Higher Secondary School (JKHSS), a UMN partner, has published Multi-Lingual Education (MLE) books for primary level, which is a great achievement.

JKHSS’s head teacher and one of the School Management Committee representatives, in need of financial support for additional classroom construction, came to Kathmandu seeking possible co-operation from UMN. Last week, UMN’s Education Advisor, along with the visitors, met with the Department of Education (DEO), CDC and the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction.

It is a good news for all that the Department of Education had allocated NRS 500,000 (USD 6,820) as part of the Rehab budget to JKHSS this year, which they didn’t know about.  Beside this, District Education Office granted NRS 650,000 (USD 8,867) for the construction of classrooms and NRS 2,400,000 (USD 32,737) for school building. DEO considers JKHSS to be genuine school working for quality education. This meeting with the officials went effective and fruitful for JKHSS.

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