Advocating child rights!
Advocating child rights!

UMN strongly advocates and works for children’s rights and protecting the vulnerable groups. UMN and its local partner INDRENI initiated and supported a workshop on Child Protection Policy and Guidelines. Organised by Pratapur Rural Municipality (RM) in Nawalparasi West, the workshop was held from 25 to 27 March and was facilitated by two child protection experts.

The RM was devoid of a child protection policy and is now in the process of drafting the guidelines with support from UMN. The drafted policy and guidelines procedure will be finalised by next month. The first of its kind in this RM, this policy will be a first strong step towards safeguarding children’s rights.

The RM team including government sections head, judicial committee, chairpersons from all wards, RM chairman and vice chairman and women and children department participated in this event which highlighted the importance of forming RM level children’s policies to ensuring their rights.

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