An extraordinary Life – Odd Hoftun, Home with the Lord!
An extraordinary Life – Odd Hoftun, Home with the Lord!

It is with great sadness we report the passing away of Odd Hoftun on 15 March, 2023. He was 95 and passed away in Norway.

We thank God for Odd Hoftun – his extraordinary life. We celebrate his invaluable and courageous contributions, which gave power and water to thousands of families in Nepal. We remember the Hoftun family close in our thoughts and prayers during this sad time.

Odd Hoftun, was a UMN hero, a passionate Norwegian missionary who came to Nepal in 1956 and helped build Tansen Hospital and then following that, invested his time and remarkable skills in hydropower development for Nepal. He was pioneer in the early development of hydropower in Nepal. Some of his areas of leadership were in Tinau Hydropower Plant, (the first river plant in Nepal), the Andhi Khola Hydropower Station, Jhimruk Khola Hydropower Station and Khimti Hydropower Plant. He was also key in the establishment of Butwal Technical Institute. He received several awards from the then king of Nepal during those years and was decorated Knight, First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit in 1990.

Odd says, “Human capacity won’t happen automatically as a result of a strategy. It cannot be accomplished by pouring in money. Too much money is like poison for human development. What is needed is people who have strong faith that something is important – people who are willing to go out and start a process, and have the patience needed to see the ship into port. For it is all about people.” (excerpt from the book ‘Power for Nepal’)

Odd’s story, his life and the history of hydropower development in Nepal can be read and enjoyed in a book released in 2015 called Power for Nepal authored by Peter Svalhem. Available at UMN website or contact

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