Back then… Elisabeth shares
Back then… Elisabeth shares

Welcome to the TEAR Australia group who will be in Nepal until the 22 January. Elizabeth Moncrieff-Philip, who is leading the group, was in Butwal from 1985 until 1991.  She is excited to be back in Nepal after almost 21 years!

While in conversation with Elizabeth, we found out some of the things that struck her in this interesting city.

Back then…

Elizabeth had hoped to have one glass window in the Butwal house she was living in.  All they had then were wooden shutters. Glass windows were rare, something very foreign.  These days she is surprised to see glass windows everywhere in Kathmandu.  In fact, massive glass plate buildings are now becoming a common sight.  

Churches then were hidden, they were little rooms with modest sign boards.  Around Kathmandu and Butwal, Elizabeth can now see churches with big crosses on them.  And just a week back at Christmas, 25 churches in Butwal got together and had a public march.  That would never have happened 20 years ago.

Elisabeth was also struck to see the noisy, jam packed roads – almost everybody seems to have bikes, scooters and cars.  

Her observation – “Kathmandu city is a fusion of wealth and poverty”.  

We hope the TEAR Australia group will have a wonderful and a productive time in Nepal.

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