Bajhang welcomes delegates from the Australian Embassy
Bajhang welcomes delegates from the Australian Embassy

Australian Embassy delegates visited UMN’s CLIMATES project in Bajhang yesterday to witness the project’s ongoing work on climate change issues and environment protection. Ms Kavitha Kasynathan, Head of Development, and Ms Sunita Gurung, Programme Manager represented the Australian Embassy along with representatives from UNFPA.

One of the highlights was visiting the water recharge pits constructed by the community forestry user groups in Dil Khocha of Ward-4 in Bungal Municipality. The team interacted with the user group members along with the presence of Ganesh Karki, Chairperson of Ward-4. The community members expressed their joy and contentment with the significant increase in the water level, which was made possible by the establishment of these recharge pits.

They also visited another site Damauni in Ward-5 where a gabion wall has been constructed to safeguard the school and agricultural land from the Kalanga river cuts. This protective measure demonstrated the project’s commitment to safeguarding vital infrastructure and agricultural resources from the challenges posed by climate change.

The visiting delegates appreciated the projects’ and partners praiseworthy efforts in addressing the pressing issues of climate change adaptation and mitigation in Bajhang.

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