Celebrating Dr Mark Zimmerman’s  years of service in Nepal!
Celebrating Dr Mark Zimmerman’s years of service in Nepal!

United Mission to Nepal felicitated Dr Zimmerman and his wife Deirdre yesterday honouring their 35 years of service in Nepal.

Dr Mark Zimmerman is an old UMN missionary name in the health sector. A medical doctor from America, Mark has been working in Nepal since 1986. He initially began as a clinical doctor and later became medical director of Patan Hospital (1998-2005).

Mark was also the Founding Director of the Nick Simons Institute (2006-16). He and his wife who were serving at Patan Hospital are now wrapping up their time in Nepal and going back to USA.

At the programme yesterday, Dr Zimmerman shared his stories (in fluent Nepali) of when he first came to Nepal, started work at the Patan Hospital and then in Amp Pipal in Gorkha where things were very different and life was simple. Deidre, from Ireland, who came to Patan Hospital to work as a Nutritionist met Dr Zimmerman in 1997 and tied the knot in 2000.

UMN wants to say a big thank you to Mark and Deirdre for their unwavering service, their kind heart, and the love they have for the people of Nepal.

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