BWAA observe education work in Dhading
BWAA observe education work in Dhading

A group of Baptist World Aid Australia (BWAA) partner representatives from Cambodia, Malawi, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Uganda had a four-day visit to Dhading with some UMN education team members. This was an opportunity for the visitors to observe the Child Centered Community Development Programme (CCCDP) which is also conducted in their countries.

Oscar from the Philippines said, “UMN is really doing a good job.  I noticed a very good link between the government, the schools and UMN partner organisation.”  

In this tour, Liz (central region coordinator of the CCCDP programme in Uganda) was very encouraged to see the women in the village speak up. They expressed sincere appreciation about this programme. “Women are gaining self esteem, children are becoming more responsible and confident, and the whole community is being linked in this program one way or the other. The children that I met from the child clubs are leaders in the making,” says Liz.

Shamala, CCCDP Project Manger from Sri Lanka, found this visit very helpful. “We are fairly new to this programme in Sri Lanka as it was started just last October, so this visit was also a learning time for me. I could relate to many community needs and problems as they were similar to where I work. The children in the child clubs are full of life, friendly and outspoken. I am excited about going back and sharing the experience with my staff.”

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