Commitment of the Interfaith Community
Commitment of the Interfaith Community

UMN and its partner NRDS (Namaste Rural Development Society) recently
organised a one-day interaction programme on the “Role of Religious
Leaders for Interfaith Harmony”. Understanding each other, self
reflection, seeking areas of cooperation and making efforts for
religious cohesion and co-existence were the main objectives of this
event. There were participation from 3 VDCs (Vilage Development
Committee) of North Dhading. The three guest speakers and religious
leaders from Kathmandu were Dr. Pastor K.B. Rokaya, General Secretary of
National Churches Council Nepal, Mr. Balaram Thapa, Former General
Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Mahasang and Ven ND Darmamurti, Vice President
of All Nepal Monks Association.

The religious leaders spoke on
religious mandates for peace, values for community development along
with individual behaviors and characters that lead to better
relationships and harmony. At the end of the interaction, the group
declared five commitments which are as follows:

  1. We commit to treat every individual with respect and humanity.
  2. We commit to promote peace and reconciliation in our family, community and nation.
  3. We commit not to be used by others who bring conflict and disharmony.
  4. We commit to create an environment of social cohesion and co-existence among different faiths.
  5. We commit to raise voice in unity against social and cultural harmful practices e.g. injustice, inequality and corruption.

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