Community oil mill on TV news!
Community oil mill on TV news!
Isn’t it great to be cooking your food from the oil produced in your own field? 
Good news for the locals of Thalara Rural Municipality, they now have an oil processing mill in their own village. The new oil processing mill was made possible by UMN’s project Srijana (translates as Creation).
Earlier the locals had to either buy expensive cooking oil in the market or walk far to the mill in another area. UMN’s local partner Progressive Youth Society (PYS) and the local co-operative have encouraged the community to expand mustard farming to produce oil, not just for their consumption but also to sell in other nearby villages in the days to come.
We are very pleased that this news was covered yesterday in Kantipur Television.
A big thank you to Bajhang’s UMN team and partners for this great job!

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