Congratulations Tsering Mingam
Congratulations Tsering Mingam

Tsering Mingam is a young woman from the Bhote community in the northern part of Mugu district. Very few Bhote girls get to stay at school beyond primary age, as the secondary school is at least a day’s walk from the remote villages where they live, and their parents are reluctant to allow them to live away from home. Tsering Mingam is determined though, and with several other girls has been staying in a rented “hostel” in Mangari and attending school.

In UMNews #1 this year, we introduced Tsering Mingam, and mentioned her request for a proper, safe hostel for girls in Mangari. PMU Interlife has provided much of the funding required, and USD 1872 was given by UMNews readers. On behalf of Tsering and her friends, thank you so much!

We have just heard that Tsering was successful in passing the dreaded School Leaving Certificate, a very tough exam given at the end of Grade 10. Tsering is the first Bhote girl to pass the exam, and her community and school is very proud of her.  So are we!
We wish her well in her ambition to study in the health field, and return to serve her community.

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