Doti Rejoices – Teacher Exchange Program
Doti Rejoices – Teacher Exchange Program

Rampur Higher Secondary School has been in partnership with UMN for some years. Last year Rampur was linked up with a primary school in England called Waterloo school. The two schools have exchanged pictures, emails and have also started to do some common activities. Through the contact with the British Council we heard about the Reciprocal Visit Grant and decided to apply for it. The application is approved and Rampur is granted with an exchange program. It is part of the Global School Partnership program (GSP), run by the British Council. Rampur HSS has been involved in GSP for some time now.

In this first stage two teachers from Waterloo will visit Rampur and then two teachers from Rampur HSS will visit England. During the visits the teachers will get to know each other and the situation at each school and also exchange ideas and plan for a “joint curriculum project”
The curriculum project that the two schools have chosen is about differences between “now and then, here and there” and will be based on interviews that the children will do their grandparents (grandmothers), or other old people around them, about their childhood. It’s linked to many subjects and could be done by children of all ages, with different aspects in focus. The idea is that the end product will be some kind of exhibition with stories from the two countries, and from different times in history.
The idea is that the partnership between the two schools will continue with different kinds of activities taking place in both schools. When this first exchange program is finished there is a possibility for the schools to apply for further exchange programs, maybe with students visiting each other as well.

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