First aid for mental health
First aid for mental health
Dozens of healthcare workers in Rukum East have received training in mental health this year, to better care for those suffering – so vital when one small municipality there saw 10 people die from suicide last year. Fifty-seven health workers from two rural municipalities have taken basic psychosocial first aid training while 14 health workers attended a six-day basic mental health training. Through this new UMN project, many people were counselled on home visits during the pandemic and around 30 were counselled at COVID wards. 
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including the experience of Dr Ashok Kumar Mahat who works at a health post in Kankri village of Rukum East. He attended our training and says his perspectives, understanding, and treatment methods have changed as a result. He treats and counsels numerous people in who are suffering from mental health problems such as trauma, anxiety and alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
Let’s make mental health care for all a reality! 

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