For better health and opportunities
For better health and opportunities
Swabalambi Basic School of The Deaf which is a residential school for students who are hearing impaired in Nilkantha, Dhading had its first ever training on making Improved Washable Sanitary Pad (IWP) in the second week of December. UMN under its DDRP Protection Project in coordination with Dhading Deaf Association and District Women and Children Office organised the three days training on the importance of IWP. The interactive training also focused on teaching about nutrition, reproductive health, and menstruation cycle through the use of projector. 
Founder and Principal of the school Ram Prasad Adhikari believes that IWP training can open plethora of opportunities for deaf girls. “Deaf people are capable of doing  much more but they face challenges in their every day life. IWP training is important as it not only improves their health but also helps them stand on their own feet as they can also make and sell IWPs in the near future,” he explains. 
One of the trainees Mira Lamsal, aged 28 has plans to share what she learned among her peers. “We don’t have enough money to buy market sanitary pads. IWP is very useful as it can be reused. I had no idea about many things about menstruation as well which I have now clearly understood” says Mira. 
Ram Prasad further adds, “If we can display the IWPs In the upcoming fifth Dhading Festival, it can create business opportunities for deaf girls. They could also supply on demand for the hospitals, for women in their post-pregnancy and sick women. It would be good to have them participate in more practical training programmes like this in the future.”

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