Gone to Glory
Gone to Glory
We are very sad to inform our friends about Professor Dr. Rajendra Kumar Rongong’s passing away early this morning. He was struggling with numerous health issues for some time and was admitted at Patan Hospital a few weeks ago. He was 88.
Dr.Rongong was not only a very respected person in the Nepali Christian community and in the national education fraternity, but also a great friend and a support to UMN since its early days. 
In the past, he was the Chief Advisor of UMN’s Education Department and contributed greatly in the formal and non-formal education UMN projects in rural Nepal.
He was also the Chairperson of Lalitpur Nursing Campus and had contributed in its smooth operation during and after UMN’s change process. He also served at the UMN Board from 1987 to 1991. We are honoured and blessed to have Rongong Daju as a close associate of UMN.
Nepal was closed for Christians before 1951. Dr Rongong along with a group from Kalimpong, India, came to Nepal in 1956 as His witnesses. Gyaneshwar Church, now Nepali Isai Mandali (NIM), was established in 1957 shortly after their arrival to Nepal. Dr. Rongong,a hero of the Chrisitan community, has recorded God’s work in Nepal in his book ‘Early Churches in Nepal’ which was published in 2012.
Dr.Rajendra Rongong was serving as a Pastor of NIM Lalitpur (Gyaneshwar Church).
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rongong family at this time.

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