IF food was distributed fairly-
IF everyone got their share-
IF we didn’t waste so much-
THEN everyone would have enough to eat!

That’s the thinking behind the “IF” campaign in the UK, where 100 agencies are joining together to ask the world’s richest nations, the G8, to make sure everyone has the food they need.

Four of UMN’s Supporting Partners in the UK – Tearfund, BMS, The Methodist Church and the Church of Scotland – are members of the “IF” Campaign. So we thought we’d support and encourage them by taking part too. We all made “spinning flowers”, the symbol of the campaign, and got ourselves photographed in the shape of a big IF.

We had fun, but hunger is a serious thing. In Nepal, 4.5M people are undernourished – that’s a 5th of the population! Fifty children out of every 1000 die before their 5th birthday, with hunger being a major cause. Please pray for the programmes we support that help address this issue; food security, agriculture improvements, nutrition and child health, and kitchen gardening.

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