Interns 2011
Interns 2011

A group of young Christian graduates have recently joined UMN as interns.  They will soon be working in various teams within UMN throughout 2011.  Currently, they are getting to understand UMN through a series of orientation sessions, which they say has been a very interesting and a helpful start.

Here is what a few have to say:

Hi! I am Pratiksha. Today is my forth day as an intern in UMN. So far, I have had exciting time learning about various teams within UMN.
I am glad and thankful for the opportunity given to work as an intern here. I am looking forward to working with the Communications Team soon – learn what the team does and how they do things.

My prayer is that this year of my internship at UMN will be fruitful, meaningful, and a learning time for me.

I heard about UMN’s internship programme through my church. To be able to work in an organisation with biblical values is a great opportunity for Nepali Christian youth.   I am very happy and feel blessed to have got this opportunity. My focus area is Climate Change and I am excited about joining the team soon.  I am hopeful that 2011 will be a rich year with plenty of learning opportunities for me.

– Sunila Maharjan

“The past five days at UMN has been a wonderful learning experience, the orientations giving us brief ideas about its history, vision, mission and goals and on how UMN works with its many projects.

Not to forget, UMN people have all been so nice and so welcoming, we don’t feel out of place at all, giving us so much more energy! Looking forward to a wonderful journey ahead!!”

– Prerna

I feel very nice to be here in UMN.  I was very keen to join UMN and feel very blessed to get an opportunity to be a part of the  internship program. I discovered that UMN is a learning hub and it is really nice to see multicultural people from different countries and expertise joining hands together to fulfill one mission. I hope that this one year is going to be the most memorable one in terms of learning and discovering myself in the service of God and to get to know my country Nepal better. I believe there is going to be a whole lot of skill development process helping incredibly in career development for a youth like me.

 – Asha Rai

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