June 4, 2021 Update – UMN’s Second Wave Response
June 4, 2021 Update – UMN’s Second Wave Response
Dear Friends and supporters of UMN,  
The country has gone through the worst phase of the pandemic so far during May. It is now encouraging to hear experts say ‘we are just beginning to see the plateauing of the second wave’; on the other hand, we also read news about the ‘underestimation’ in number of cases per day. 244 more people are known to have died of COVID in the last 72 hours (June 1, 2 and 3). The contagion risks are still high. The Government of Nepal has extended the lockdown for Kathmandu valley until 14 June with just a few restrictions relaxed. 
UMN Cluster offices in Nepal’s six districts have just completed their first phase distribution in response to the second wave. We are really proud of our staff who have done a great job and have worked tirelessly to support the district hospitals in these hard times. The distribution and handover items included essential health and safety materials, oxygen concentrators, oxygen re-fills and also ration support to the needy people in the community. A few clusters also supported in establishing isolation centres or providing extra beds and bedding to such centres. Your support has helped to make this possible – thank you so much! 
Our hospitals in Tansen and Okhaldhunga continue to provide excellent care to patients in the COVID wards. There are so far been 152 cases admitted in Tansen hospital and sadly 29 lives have been lost during treatment. The cases are now picking up in Okhaldhunga hospital with six cases currently admitted and three deaths around the end of May. Tansen hospital is urgently in need of an Oxygen Compressor, which we plan to purchase with funds raised in our ongoing Second Wave appeal. 
Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer and generous support through this ongoing crisis for Nepal. 
Joel Hafvenstein
Executive Director
If you would like to donate to UMN’s Second Wave Response, please visit our Donate page at https://www.umn.org.np/give and mark it ‘COVID response’. Thank you!

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