Keeping out the cold
Keeping out the cold
Winter has definitely arrived in Kathmandu, with temperatures plummeting to 3-4 degrees overnight. However, things are much harder for people living in remote earthquake-affected villages in the far north. This year, families are facing the bitterly cold Himalayan winter in temporary shelters and shacks, huddled together under tarpaulins. Reconstruction has been held up by the political instability in the south, leaving the northerners literally out in the cold. 
Last week, UMN’s Disaster Response Team delivered 4,668 warm blankets and sleeping mats to 2,334 families in Jharlang and Lapa VDCs in north Dhading; this week, more winter bedding will reach Ree VDC. 
Many of the families in these VDCs are Christians (although of course the blankets were distributed to all, regardless of their faith). “Remember us in your prayers,” they requested. 
This Christmas, as we remember the Baby born in a cow shed in Bethlehem, let’s also remember mothers trying to keep their children warm in even worse conditions, up in the high mountains of Nepal. 

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