Keeping Warm
Keeping Warm

Temperatures are creeping into the 30s in Kathmandu, so it seems a little odd to be worrying about blankets. But for people up in the high mountains along the Tibetan border, blankets are still a necessity. They’ll be needed even more when the rains come and after that, the snows of the harsh Himalayan winter.
With tens of thousands of people homeless, getting enough blankets to supply two to each family, the bare minimum, has been a challenge. Thinner, cheaper blankets may be suitable for families in the warmer areas, but the people of North Dhading need something better. We were able to purchase “by the roll” and our headquarters staff spent hours (and had some fun) cutting them to size. But it wasn’t nearly enough.
Thankfully, Samaritan’s Purse came through with the offer of 8000 good quality blankets, immediately available. Within hours they were on trucks up to Dhading, and within a couple of days, loaded onto World Food Programme helicopters bound for Lapa and Jharlang in North Dhading.

A lot of families will be very grateful for this gift of warmth!

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