Men at Work
Men at Work
Around 30 people in Simthali, of Mahadevsthan VDC in Dhading are working hard in repairing a 1096 meters long path that was washed away in the monsoon last year. UMN’s partner Prayas Nepal is leading this project with support from ICCO. The community people that are working on the repair work are able to earn some money for their family too. 
Jit Bahadur is very happy for the money that he is getting for this work and says, “The soil of Simthali is very good to produce oranges and other seasonal vegetables, but we have not been able to do good marketing with the products. The path is quite narrow at the moment, if the road widens after the repair work, vehicles can take the oranges to the market.”
Let us hope the repair work will soon be completed and it will help to make lives of the people in Simthali a little more comfortable. 

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