Micah Network conference in Thailand
Micah Network conference in Thailand

The five day Micah Network regional conference on stewardship held in Thailand, concluded today on October 1.

8 UMN staff were privileged to attend, along with almost 100 others from a range of Micah Network organisations from across Asia. The eight from UMN include David McConkey, Martin Butterworth, Nalome Rongong, Paul Chetri, Madhu Thapa, Durga Upadhaya, Sue Clout and Peter Clout.

Martin and Nalome gave their presentations successfully.

There are many ‘firsts’ for the staff in this consultation: the first time Nalome and Martin have presented papers at a conference (and the first time she has seen the ocean!), the first time Madhu has ridden on a train, the first major event that Sue has been involved in as the co-facilitator of the Micah Network Gender Forum.

Please pray for safe travel for all participants as they return, and that they put into practice the things they have learnt.

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