Ms Enid Sodemba passes away
Ms Enid Sodemba passes away
We are very sad to report the passing of Ms Enid Sodemba, who died on 8 December 2015 in Kathmandu. She was 88. Enid Sodemba was a first generation teacher of Mahendra Bhawan School (1968), the first girls’ school in Nepal, and worked closely with Miss Franklin, the founder. She spent 15 years in Mahendra Bhawan as a senior teacher mentoring many other staff at the school. 
In 2014, Ms. Sodemba wrote her memories of her years at Mahendra Bhawan in our newsletter UMNews.
A short excerpt from her article:
“When I meet former Mahendra Bhawan students and they thank me for making them what they are now, I can’t stop thanking the good Lord for such a privilege. Some of students have made it big in their career and life. They are in high posts in important organisations. Some are elders and deaconesses in different churches. This makes me so proud to have been associated with Mahendra Bhawan. 
Mahendra Bhawan has given a better life to so many girls, and I am one of them. It has taught me to be a better teacher; a better mother and above all a better Christian”.

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