Nepal’s New Constitution
Nepal’s New Constitution
By Sunday evening, Nepal will have its long-awaited new Constitution. 
The Constitutional Assembly completed a four-day voting process on Wednesday, approving the Constitution by 507 votes to 25. (Fifty-seven members of various Madesh-based groups boycotted the meeting.) The Constitution will be formally signed by President Ram Baran Yadav on Sunday afternoon. 
The new Constitution describes Nepal as a secular state, in spite of protests from Hindu groups. This is much appreciated by Christians and others, who were concerned about a return to Hinduism as the national religion.
We congratulate the Constitutional Assembly on its achievement in preparing and passing the Constitution. The next few weeks could be difficult, as various political and ethnic groups react to the provisions of the Constitution, positively and negatively. Please pray:
  • That the process of embedding the Constitution will go smoothly;
  • That any protests will be peaceful, respecting the rights of others;
  • That, as the electoral process is worked out, Nepal will have a government which puts the people first, and in particular, seeks justice for the poorest and most disadvantaged.

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