School Computer Labs – catching up with the digital age
School Computer Labs – catching up with the digital age
Bringing computers to schools of rural villages in Nepal is an exciting project that UMN has been running for the last six years. This project was initiated with a generous partnership with Edu Tech in Nepal, a company whose vision is to set up computer labs in schools in Nepal, especially where they have less opportunity for digital literacy. Instead of only giving computers we help the schools set up computer labs and also train teachers to use the equipment. 
In the last few years, UMN has set up computer labs in six districts across Nepal in 64 schools, with support from Technology Alleviating Poverty (TAP), New Zealand and Edu Tech in Nepal.  The first computer lab was set up in a school in Rukum in 2015. 
To own a personal computer at home is a luxury many families cannot afford. Children need to learn and equip themselves with basic computer knowledge and education. Unless we create more opportunities and increase access to computers in schools, we will not have the next generation come out stronger and contribute smartly in their communities. The lab support programme is expected to also increase employment opportunities of children in the UMN working locations after they graduate higher secondary education. 
UMN has been exploring opportunities to bring more computer labs in schools in Nepal – 75 more computer labs in the next five years. If the computer literacy programme is continued, it will be a great platform for these students to have connectivity with the rest of the world in which they could share their aspirations, feelings and thoughts with freedom and dignity. Such an opportunity for these marginalised children has been created with UMN’s initiative through the computers provided for the digital literacy programme.

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