Secure, once again!
Secure, once again!
One of the biggest consequences and negative impacts (among many) of COVID and the lockdown in Nepal last year has been the seasonal migrant workers helplessly returning to Nepal with an uncertain future. Remittances of migrant workers are the only source of income for thousands of families, these households experienced a sharp decline in income during partial and full lockdown last year. The problem is massive but UMN has taken a small initiative in the villages of Doti (West Nepal) to help and encourage such migrant returnees. 
UMN is working on developing their entrepreneurial skills thereby opening doors to an alternative source of income generation. Since November 2020 after the lockdown was lifted, we have already seen around 40 migrant returnees of one village set up small enterprises. They are secure, working hard and happy to be earning in their land. 
Read a short report on this and many other UMN news and stories in the March issue of UMNews.

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