Seeds of recovery
Seeds of recovery

In the aftermath of a disaster, emergency relief is just the first step.
Getting families and communities back to work is vital, so providing
them with what they need to do that is a priority. If folk can’t earn a
living, their emergency food will soon be gone.

UMN has been
supporting women’s groups in Dhading for many years now. The ‘Sunadevi
Atmanirbhar Ama Samuha’ of Pida, Dhading, has been involved in goat
raising and kitchen gardening, which has improved their livelihoods.
They have also learned to work together, to depend on and support each
other, to discuss problems and how do solve them. All these skills will
be needed as the community recovers from the earthquakes of April and

Fortunately, no-one in this village was killed by the
‘quakes, but everyone was affected to some degree. Many of the
buildings are cracked and broken; some families lost valuable livestock,
tools and food stocks. UMN’s initial distribution of food, shelter,
hygiene and utensil kits were much appreciated, and the group members
have continued their meetings, and helped each other through the crisis.

UMN has provided groups like ‘Sunadevi Atmanirbhar’ with sets of
construction and agricultural tools, and seed packets. Members will
distribute the seeds, so all can grow a variety of vegetables for food
and to sell, as they are near the highway. The tools will be stored at
one member’s house, so all can access them. Having new tools will
certainly make their work easier.

Rita Rimal (fourth from the
right at the back in the photo) is the Secretary of the group. Like the
other members, she is pleased that the distribution took place through
the women’s group, as this increases the status of the group in the
community. She is also very happy that UMN is continuing to support them
and help them through this difficult time.

Agricultural Tools

  • Small spade
  • Pointed hoe
  • Flat hoe
  • Sickle
  • Spade

Construction Tools

  • Sledge hammer
  • Claw hammer
  • Saw
  • Pliers
  • Axe
  • Digger
  • Pick

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