So long, Farewell!
So long, Farewell!
UMN has had two very special events recently. Lyn and Darryl Jackson’s farewell on 20 May and for Mark Galpin a week after that. 
Lyn was UMN’s Communications Director for the last 6 years and Darryl her husband was with the Health Team as the WASH Advisor. Lyn’s dedication, passion and love for the poor communities of Nepal all came alive in our minds and hearts once again during the farewell programme. Everyone agreed Lyn’s energy and enthusiasm were the hallmarks of her personality. And she simply passed those traits to those she worked with. Lyn and Darryl are now back in Australia.
Mark Galpin, UMN’s Executive Director’s (ED) last day with UMN is 9 June. The farewell was a poignant time both for the Galpin family and the organisation. Mark’s strong leadership went side by side with his down-to-earth and friendly nature. The highlight of Mark’s farewell was the handover of the office key and the ED Bible to Joel Hafvenstein, the incoming ED. Another highlight of the ceremony was the UMN barrel unveiled by Joel. The UMN barrel? This is the barrel that had arrived with the first ED of UMN in the 50s with his personal belongings, and ever since it has stayed with us as a legacy and a reminder of our early years in Nepal. The barrel has names of all the EDs who have served in UMN so far. 
We wish the Jacksons and the Galpins all the very best. May God use you even more to bless others. Thank you for your love for the people of Nepal. 

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