Success: UMN’s hospitals are saved!
Success: UMN’s hospitals are saved!
Dear friends,
We are delighted to share and celebrate with you that after the funding crisis caused by lockdown and COVID a year ago, UMN’s hospitals’ appeal has been successful – thanks to your support, UMN’s Hospitals are Saved!! We are incredibly grateful to all those who prayed and donated to Save our Hospitals, since the early days of lockdown in April 2020 and then continuously until the end of the Christmas Appeal.
Through the generosity of hundreds of people, churches and organisations, NPR 141,482,242 (approx. USD 1,205,215) has been donated for our hospitals. Nearly half of this came from one large grant in October (from Norad through Normisjon, Norway), while of the remainder, over half came from individuals and churches (see the charts). The Christmas Appeal helped to complete these funds by raising USD 9,500 since 1 December 2020.
Due to the lack of a winter surge and any lockdowns in response, our hospital patient numbers have stayed higher than we dared hope, and our revenue gap is significantly less than we had feared. The Save Our Hospitals Appeal can thus be declared a success earlier than we had expected. It seems clear that the hospitals are now far from the risk of a funding collapse. We have raised enough to fill the 2020 gap, and also to fill the gaps we expect in the first half of 2021.
This is thanks not only to the unexpected drop in COVID rates, but to your generosity and prayer, which brought us confidently through the autumn coronavirus wave. While that wave never fully reached Okhaldhunga District, there was a significant surge in Tansen, which treated 117 COVID patients between September and December, and had to repurpose its entire medical ward for COVID treatment. We will continue to address the impact of coronavirus and lockdown through both our hospital work and community development work.
Thank you for your ongoing faithful support, which with God’s help has brought us through this year of unexpected challenges and unpredictable change. Please rejoice and celebrate with us!
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