Thank you for your love and support!
Thank you for your love and support!
Dear friends,
“Easing up of the lockdown doesn’t mean going back to life before the lockdown”, says the WHO representative to Nepal. We do see most shops and services open now with Covid rules applied, but this still does not make up for the big economic crash the country is going through, leaving most sectors severely affected by this crisis.
UMN continues to prioritise the Covid-19 response, which has resulted in some changes in our work. Read about some of the impacts here from our last newsletter UMNews.
In the last few weeks, UMN Clusters have also expanded their work in supporting the local government by responding to the Covid emergency, either by providing emergency food relief, PPE and hygiene materials or by helping in setting up quarantine centres in a few of our clusters. Read about these works here.
We want to leave you with a video to thank our friends who have given towards our ‘Save our Hospitals’ appeal. Big or small, your gift and prayers have encouraged us, given us hope and have made us believe that together We Can Do It!
Thank you and God bless!

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