The education team has fun workshops
The education team has fun workshops

‘Adults are like children with a big body, then why do we keep treating children like adults with a small body?’ says Astrid Smith, Education Advisor in UMN.  

Education would improve if we make the education appropriate for the children we work for. The Education team worked hard and attended a couple of workshops last week.

We want to model better teaching methods.  In these trainings some UMN education staff became like children again in order to find out how they should be teaching and model appropriate teaching to our partner organisations.

Workshop with Christine StoneThey had a lot of fun doing it and gained many new ideas on how to teach in situations where not much resources are available. In the future we would like to focus on modeling these new gained skills to the teachers and facilitators we work with. 

The participants speak…
The training at Early Childhood Education Centre (ECEC) reminded me again that when we are training adults in Early Childhood Development we should not only give information on methods and activities, but we should DO the activities and then discuss WHY we do these activities with the children.
Ragnhild Nystrom

Four excellent days of practical hands on teacher training!!  It is by far the very best training I (and am sure for others also) have received while being in UMN. It was great to actually get some education input.
Jean Dobbing

Sharing of experiences during the workshop was a good reflection time for me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the practical sessions.  Creating a good learning environment is important for good and quick learning.  I have learnt that teaching and learning has to be a fun experience for both the educators and the children.
Yagya Raj Pant

practical sessions at ECEC ( Early Childhood Education Centre)   Some 
practical sessions at ECEC ( Early Childhood Education 

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