Training for Transformation
Training for Transformation

Back in the early 1990s, a young dental hygienist from UMN’s Patan Hospital spent his holidays walking the narrow trails of rural Nepal. In his backpack he carried the tools of his trade, and wherever he stopped, he offered free dental checkups and care. He found villages without basic services, and people with many needs – physical, social and spiritual.

This experience fueled Ramesh Khadka’s desire to work for change. He established Share and Care, a Christian Nepali development organisation, which took over management of UMN’s Pharping Clinic in 1994. From that small beginning has grown an indigenous Nepali organisation, founded in a commitment to Christ and a desire to see holistic transformation, that has brought empowerment and hope to many communities.

Now Share and Care’s experience and passion is reaching out even further. After years of planning, a Diploma course in Community Development Management has been launched. Twenty-five participants have just completed a two-month intensive at the Share and Care Transformational Development Centre, and are heading back to their communities to put into practice what they have learned, with the support and advice of their tutors. Eight UMN partner staff members and one UMN Integral Mission officer have been part of this first batch of community development trainees.

Congratulations to the students, and to Share and Care. UMN is proud to “Be part of the transformation”!

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