UMN Archives
UMN Archives

UMN documents were archived by the late Betty Young in Edinburgh,
ever since UMN
started its work in Nepal.
The archives were moved toYale University, USA
in 2007. 

Helen Parsons together with Roger and Jen are currently in Nepal
are doing a great job on archiving UMN documents in UMN headquarters,
Thapathali.  They are reviewing old
files, sorting, throwing away and filing documents from 2000 until 2005. These
archives will be sent toYale University
to add to the UMN archives maintained there.

Their hard work will go on for another eight days or so
before several boxes will be sent to Yale

Helen Parsons served in UMN from1984 until 2000 as a
librarian. Roger worked as a finance director and his wife Jen in the Personnel
Team from 1994-1999.

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