Understanding Peace
Understanding Peace

It was an exciting gathering of 30 enthusiastic young people from different faith groups in Nepal.

These youth leaders had come to UMN to participate in the ‘youth interfaith peace and harmony workshop’ organized by the Peacebuilding team of UMN on June 14, 2013.  The objective was to understand peace and interfaith harmony from different holy books.  There were also presentations from each religion. Faith leaders, Dr. KB Rokaya (Christian), Dr. Chintamani Yogi (Hindu), Dr. Chandra Sherma (Kirat), Mr. Nazrul Hussain (Muslim) and Mr. Gautambir Bajracharya (Buddhist) were the key speakers. The participants also attended the interaction programme at reporters club in the afternoon organised by UMN’s partner Micah Network Nepal.

Though a very tight scheduled workshop, the energetic group participated very well in creating action plans at the end of the day.
Balkumari Gurung,UMN Peacebuilding Team Leader says, ‘ I strongly believe that the youth should be involved in this kind of learning and interaction programme, these young people are the ones to take back new concepts and ideas  and will strongly influence their communities in these issues.’

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