Welcome to Arun Belbase
Welcome to Arun Belbase

Arun belbase has been with UMN for a week now. We want to extend a hearty welcome to Arun and we look forward to the contribution he will make to UMN’s advocacy work.

Here is what he has to say:

I am Arun Belbase, permanent resident of Krishnanagar, Kapilbastu. I have joined United Mission to Nepal from 1 August 2011 as Advocacy Advisor. I have done graduation in Law and post-graduation in Mass Communication and Journalism. I have more than nine years working experience in the development field, such as human rights; humanitarian laws; development communication; anti-trafficking; health issues; education; advocacy; etc.

I have worked for different organizations in different capacities for various donor supported projects and contributed to achieve the goals of the projects and or activities. I have contributed to establish a high-level advocacy forum incorporating various line ministries, national and international stakeholders for policy interventions. I have supported various district and community level organizations to develop their advocacy strategies and tools so that they can work smoothly to accomplish their mission, vision and goals. In addition to that, I have also supported them in fund raising and proposal development. I was also involved in various capacity building / skill enhancing trainings for the journalists and the development workers. During the work, I have visited more than fifty five districts of Nepal.

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