World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day


National Center for AIDS and STI Control with the support of various supporting agencies including UMN commemorated 29th World AIDS Day by organising an event in the City Hall which was chaired by our honorable Health Minister, Gagan Thapa.  HIV and AIDS booths and stalls were placed at seven different corners in Kathmandu city which included information materials, condoms and also free HIV testing facility.


Silent procession was held displaying placards with HIV and AIDS messages. Song and street drama was conducted by students of CMA campus Dhading and inter-school quiz competition was done by CIRDs, UMN partner in Salyankot VDC. Five schools from three VDCs participated in the programme.


Nawalparasi: SCDC-S, UMN partner participated in district level celebration at Bardaghat where a formal programme with interaction, brochure and condom distribution was organised.
Rupandehi: SSN participated in a district level programme where materials were distributed at Bhairahawa bus park. 


Rally in Musikot with the theme, “Hami Sabai ko kaam HIV ko Roktham.”  Interaction programme by People Living with HIV (PLHIV) network in different places of Rukum district. Radio drama on HIV and AIDS related issues from local FM will be broadcast for a week.


Rally by the students of Rastriya Ma. B. Shreepur with the initiation of Peer Educators in the support of SSNS, UMN partner. PLHIV Support group of Itahari organised candle lighting and gathering to pray for those friends who lost their lives.

Awareness through text books

Binita (name changed) is from Baglek, Doti. Her father passed away five years ago due to AIDS. Her mother is also living with HIV infection and Binita is the only HIV infected student in her school. She had not disclosed her problem to anyone in school. Despite she was facing different thoughts, her mother encouraged her to continue studies. The book about HIV and AIDS which was added to the curriculum from grade 7 to 9 in her school was very useful to her. She secretly used to read it by borrowing from her friends. She used to show and explain the content of the book to her mother through which they learned about how her father was infected and how they were bound to be infected. Since she is in grade 7, she now regularly studies those books. All her friends openly talk about such issues in school.  Nobody misbehaves with her as other students also got aware through the book and are helpful towards her.

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