Youth Day today!
Youth Day today!
Happy Youth Day to all!
In UMN’s working locations we have many adolescent groups and youth groups where we can see young people unite and play an active role to look at issues in their communities and run interesting campaigns.
Geeta Bhujel, from Rupandehi District, also started off as an adolescent group member in 2017. A shy girl in the beginning, we see her quite busy today. She has not only built her confidence in life but has also become more aware and passionate to talk about the social issues and harmful practices present in her community. Geeta, along with her group looks at human trafficking issues, domestic violence, rape cases and follows it up with the local police station. 
Today, her society knows her as an active anti-human trafficking campaigner, a social mobiliser of a UMN project, and also a radio host at the local FM. Way to go Geeta.

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