Rukum East Cluster
Rukum East is the only Himalayan district within Lumbini Province and boasts many mountains, hills and lakes as well as part of the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. It has a strong Kham Magar culture with Magar people comprising around 50% of its population. Rukum (East and West) was a key base of the Civil War (1996 to 2006).
At a Glance
UMN started working here in
UMN beneficiaries / Population of working areas
6,727 / 38,789
Working areas
Bhume Rural Municipality
Putha Uttarganga Rural Municipality
Office location
Sisne Rural Municipality
Local partners
Nepal Magar Society Service And Information Center (MIC NEPAL)
Nepal Public Awakening Forum (NPAF)
Key Development Challenges
  1. Most of the population (62%) are dependent on subsistence agriculture while 13% are engaged in daily wage work.
  2. Vulnerability to climate change and loss of biodiversity
  3. Lack of quality health facilities, especially lack of trained health workers and equipment.
  4. Non-availability of quality education
  5. Poor sanitation and hygiene status
  6. Perpetuation of harmful traditional practices (child marriage, domestic violence, and excessive alcohol use).
  7. Challenges in physical infrastructure and access: around 13 wards of both rural municipalities still do not have road access and 7 wards have not yet received electricity.

UMN’s current projects in the district are working against child marriage and harmful traditional practices while promoting sustainable environment and economic development, mental health, livelihoods, child-friendly and activity-based learning. Meanwhile a disability rehabilitation project covers all three rural municipalities of the district.

Some Key Achievements Last Year
community people received service from mental health camps
people were provided with income generation support
people received information about health services
water sources were protected and arranged for drinking water and irrigation
irrigation canals were maintained or repaired
farmers groups were registered in the rural municipality
people received training on sheep yarn colour dyes
child clubs, adolescents and mother's groups mobilised
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Latest Highlights
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Current Projects
  1. Achieving Better Life for Every Child and Adolescent (ABLE) project
  2. Advancing for Community Transformation Project (Pro-ACT)
  3. Medical Rehabilitation for Children Living with Disabilities (Happy Feet)
  4. School Education Enhancement Project (SEEP)
  5. Sustainable Environment and Economic Development (SEED) project