World Water Day – Greener Fields
World Water Day – Greener Fields

Celebrate World Water Day with us by taking a look at this new irrigation canal in Mugu, helping to feed 50 families who rely on agriculture.

Community people contributed NPR 1,250,000 (USD 10,300) equivalent of labour to the total cost of NPR 200,000 (USD 1,730) given by our partner to build the concrete canal. A reliable source of water to create well-watered land has been a blessing to 50 families who rely mostly on their harvest to feed the family. This 329m-long irrigation canal was one of the major achievements of the Mugu Transformation Project, delivered through local partner Karani Community Development Centre.
Find out how the irrigation canal in Mugu is helping 50 families of Daura village who rely on agriculture in this video.

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