Putting Classroom Learning into Practice
Putting Classroom Learning into Practice

“See how the goats go crazy when I hang up the mineral block? This is the second block I am putting up today and since I started doing this, the goats have a bigger appetite and look healthier,” says Sabita Silwal.

Sabita lives in Dhading and has been rearing goats for the last six months. With limited knowledge on goat farming but eager to make this a profitable business, she attended a five-day basic goat raising training organised by a local cooperative and supported by the UMN Dhading cluster.

After the training, Sabita was motivated to rear goats not only for family consumption but also for commercial purposes. She immediately bought a cross breed goat to improve the variety.

Now, she has a mineral block hanging in the goat shed, two bucks castrated at the age of six months, which would normally have happened at the age of twelve months and fodder that includes legumes and non-legumes. Besides this, she has also planned to renovate and improve the goat shelter.

Sabita is confident that with an improved breed, good feeding and management, better production can result.

Goats are an important source of income in her area. There is a high demand for goat meat and manure. Goat manure is sold at about USD$ 2 for every 50 kilogramme pack.

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