UMN’s Scholarship Support and a Future for Jit Kumar
UMN’s Scholarship Support and a Future for Jit Kumar

Barely a year old when his father died, Jit Kumar Budha was simply too young to comprehend life. Or the fact that his mother immediately married another man and left the young child in the care of her sister.

The aunt and nephew struggled for years-a tiny grocery shop being their only source of income.

Worse was to follow when Jit suffered an accident which led to an amputation of his right hand. Naturally, he could not afford better treatment.

As he sat all day long in his aunt’s shop, Jit often saw children around him, running early morning to schools and returning home laughing and joking together. How he ached to be like one of them!

One fine day, it all came together.

UMN’s Rukum Cluster Team, which had long been observing Jit, provided a much-needed scholarship for him as part of a partnership project between UMN and the Nepal Magar Society Service and Information Center in Rukum. Jit was over the moon when he heard that he would now get to study!

Anytime any of UMN’s Rukum Cluster staff meets Jit (now 14), he seldom fails to express his gratitude to UMN or his ambition to study and expand his aunt’s grocery business!

Jit clearly has bigger dreams for his studies and for his business!

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