Prayer Points – May 27
Prayer Points – May 27
In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, UMN invites all people of prayer to set aside time daily to ask for God’s help in our work in Nepal. The time suggested for UMN staff is 3.00 pm. For our friends around the world, we ask that you join us either at the equivalent time in your country of 3 pm Nepal time, or whenever you are able. Many have found setting a daily alarm on their phone a useful reminder. 
Thank you for your fellowship in prayer.
Joel Hafvenstein 

“Pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint from hunger at every street corner.”
(Lamentations 2v19) 
We encourage everyone who is praying for UMN not only to raise our requests but to listen to God on UMN’s behalf. Please take time to read this Bible verse slowly to yourself. Pause and ask God to speak through His Word. Then read it slowly again. Settle and calm your mind before you pray.
Major Matters for Prayer
  • The number of Covid-19 infections in Nepal has doubled in the past 8 days to 772. As pressure increases please pray for all Government and NGO efforts to contain the disease and treat those who are ill.
  • Annually in the most western part of Nepal (Sudurpaschim Province) 600,000 people migrate to India for work. Due to the pandemic most of these people have now returned and there is a sudden increased demand for food. There are early signs of a crisis and it is reported that many families do not have more than one week’s supply of basic food. Two of our Clusters, Doti and Bajhang, are in this province. Pray for Team leaders Bishal and Jyoti as they seek to find ways to respond to this and many other needs.
  • Pray for John Padgett who is the Medical Coordinator at Okhaldhunga Hospital. There is daily medical work, plus the constant responsibility of working with the whole team in ensuring readiness for a surge of infections. Pray for his wife Sally who has many roles including supporting hospital social work, Ex-pat staff, and all visitors. There is a huge hospital team all playing their part. Please remember the work of this Hospital.
  • People With Disabilities (PWD) are the most marginalized, vulnerable people in Nepal. Every day they have physical and perhaps mental challenges, and sadly many examples of little support from family because of a traditional sense of shame. The Program Support Team (PST) is developing guidelines for all Cluster Teams to ensure all projects reach out to and are inclusive of PWD. In many ways Okhaldhunga Hospital is leading the way in this with its new five year Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) Project. Pray for Clare Grimble (Physiotherapist) and Indra Tamang (Program Coordinator) and the new team of eight who are working on this. At a time of pandemic the problems that PWD face are heightened, and it is more difficult for those who are working with them to help. Your prayer is needed.
  • Okhaldhunga School of Health Science has been teaching and training student nurses for one year. It is the first Nursing School in the Eastern Hilly Region and currently there are 40 students enrolled. Pray for this strategic work which is building up the number skilled nurses in the community. There are many challenges: getting suitably qualified faculty staff, developing classrooms for modern needs, expanding buildings which are too small. As with everything else that is being encountered at this time, the lockdown and threat of pandemic makes this work so much more difficult and uncertain.
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