Prayer Priorities – November 1, 2022
Prayer Priorities – November 1, 2022
“Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good.”
Titus 3:1
We encourage everyone who is praying for UMN not only to raise our requests but to listen to God on UMN’s behalf. Please take time to read this Bible verse slowly to yourself. Pause and ask God to speak through His Word. Then read it slowly again. Settle and calm your mind before you pray.   
  • We are grateful to the Social Welfare Council for the arranging the Final Evaluation of UMN’s 2015-2020 Project Agreement. The evaluation team visited UMN’s Rukum East Cluster and partners from 29-31 October and the visit went well.
  • We are also grateful that the preparations for the UMN Board meeting and Nepal-Norway Conference have been completed.
  • Please pray for the successful Nepal-Norway Conference (happening on 2-3 Nov) and also for the upcoming Board meeting in mid-November. People are travelling to attend the conference and meeting. Pray for the safe travel and good health.
  • Please continue to pray for the success of the Integral Development Team as they are engaged in organising Sangasangai Training of Trainers for facilitators and focal persons from all UMN cluster areas this week.
  • Please keep remembering the national elections coming up on 20 November. Pray for a peaceful election with fair and effective leaders to be chosen.
  • Doug Lygo, a past UMNer from Northern Ireland, passed away last Saturday 29 October 2022. Doug was married to Marlene (Née Evans) who was a long term UMNer too. Let us give thanks for his life and pray for his family as they grieve.
  • Some staff members have been sick (Shrina and Rabbi), some are recovering (Paul, Sabina and Katherine) – please continue to pray for complete recovery.
  • Many cluster staff have been travelling back to clusters, please pray for their safety.
Cluster Work
  • Please pray for the successful completion of the social audit of Nawalparasi Cluster which will be conducted on Friday 4 November 2022. Pray for all the cluster staff, stakeholders, partner organisations and community people who will get involved in this programme.
  • Please pray for the guidance to be upon Sagar and Kabita who will be involved in focus group discussions and key informant interviews for research on how religions shape gender. Pray for all the participants who will participate in the process in Nawalparasi Cluster.
  • Pray for Rukum East Cluster, especially for Shiva and Hemanta, as they are finalising SEED and ABLE projects’ proposals and for donor meetings to be fruitful this week.
Tansen Hospital
  • Continue to pray for comfort and strength for Dr Roshan Kharel (OCH Director) and his family as they grieve.
  • The Hospital Services Office Director and other members from Kathmandu are visiting Okhaldhunga Community Hospital and other staff are travelling to Kathmandu. Please pray for the fruitful and safe visit.
  • Pray for the Australian expatriate doctor and his family for them to settle in well and know God’s anointing for their time here in Nepal.
Okhaldhunga Community Hospital
  • Pray for ward nursing staff as they care for many critically ill patients.
  • Pray for the wastewater system project, that all the remaining permissions will be given, and that work can start before December.
  • Give thanks for the Diploma in Practical Theology and Counselling course as the participants will complete their ninth module this week. Pray for them as they return home and put into practice what they have learned.

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