Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

pray for

  • Safety
    and protection of staff traveling to and from clusters and other

  • Kul Bahadur Chaudhary’s
    father passed away on the morning of Saturday, please pray for Kul
    Bahadur and his family for patience and peace.

  • Darryl
    Jackson who was not well and hospitalised since last week. Pray for
    his complete healing. He is expected to be out from the hospital
    on Monday.

  • Hannah
    Hough as her grandmother passed away last week and she is spending
    time with family in the USA.

  • Dr.
    Rachel Karrach as she settles back in to Tansen work after returning
    from home assignment in UK.

  • Dr.
    Erik Bohler and Kristen as they settle back in to Okhaldunga work
    after returning from home assignment in Norway.

  • New expat arrivals this
    week: Dr. Josh Riggsbee and his wife Sarah and children Chloe and
    Elijah arriving Wednesday and Dr. Rebecca McAteer arriving
    Thursday. All will be going to Tansen after LOP.

  • Clive Furness, who
    facilitated the “Christianity and Politics”, had a heart
    attack last Wednesday, 10 days after returning to UK from Nepal.
    He has had a stent put in one artery and is awaiting test results
    on two more. He will be off work for at least 4 weeks. Please pray
    for his healing.

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