Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

pray for

  • Safety
    and protection of staff traveling to and from clusters and other

  • Jogini
    Rai, wife of Nirmal Rai is admitted in Patan Hospital with Gall
    bladder infection. Pray that doctors could give her a time for
    Gall bladder surgery.

  • On September 24 night, a lady who
    was 33 weeks pregnant came with bleeding in the Okhaldhunga
    Hospital. Doctors delivered the premature baby by surgery
    (Cesarean section). Kristin had to donate blood to the mother.
    Both mother and child were saved by timely intervention. Pray
    that both mother and child get well soon.

  • Khadak
    Bahadur Sunar who is suffering from common cold allergies.

  • Continue
    to pray for Sabina Maharjan and Ann McConkey.

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