Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

Please pray for

  • Ram Deuja’s grandfather passed away last week. Please pray for the family and departed soul.
  • Bharat Magar is not well, pray for quick recovery.
  • Laxmi will be having her piles treatment, pray for recovery.
  • Mahila, as he is recovering from some problem on his face.
  • Jasmine, Dr. Olak’s wife has been advised to have coronary angiogram by the cardiologist. She will see the cardiologist next Monday and the procedure will be on Wednesday. Pray for Jasmine and family.
  • Tansen is facing water shortage. Pray for rain.
  • The staff who are based across the Terai area for their protection and good health during the hot climate.
  • Ongoing project agreement process.
  •  Court hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, pray that the hearing could actually take place and a just decision would be taken.
  • Safety and protection of staff as they travel to and from cluster and other places.
  • Wisdom and guidance for all planned works and activities.

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