Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer
Please pray for
  • Malcolm and Cati travel to Bangkok on Monday for Malcolm’s knee surgery.  Please pray for safe and successful surgery, and rapid recovery so they can return to Nepal soon.
  • Mohan’s sister in law had expired,  pray for his family and relatives.
  • Adrian Slater will be arriving on Wednesday and will traveling to Okhaldhunga later.
  • For the Indo-Nepal blockade situation causing crisis of fuel and other resources, pray that the issue resolved quickly.
  • Continue to pray for Okhaldhunga Hospital extension work.
  •  The hearing on property issue has been re-scheduled for Monday, 8th February 2016. Pray that it goes well in his timing and in his will.
  • Continually pray for ED recruitment process.
  • Safety and protection of staff as they travel to and from cluster and other places.
  • Wisdom and guidance for all planned works and activities.
  • Pray for UMN’s health work in maternal and child health, community health, nutrition, adolescent reproductive health, HIV and AIDS prevention and care, mental health, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH).

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