Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

Please pray for

  • The family of Dr Denis Roche who passed away last Friday. Dr Roche worked with UMN from 1961 to 1978 in Shanta Bhawan, Bhaktapur and Tansen hospitals
  • Manju and her son for their recovery.
  • Prem Singtan’s grandmother as she is sick
  • Staff traveling to and from clusters and other places.
  • For safety and health of cluster staff and Mugalis as heavy snow fall has effected the normal life and work in Mugu
  • David and Ann who will be traveling to UK on Saturday and will return in June. Pray for their travel and handover work. Sanu Raja Ranjit and Anne Penn will be taking over their responsibilities.
  • Continue to pray for visa extension and Project and General Agreement approval process.

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