Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

Please pray for

  • Safety and protection of staff traveling to and from clusters and other
    places. Also pray for board members travelling to Nepal and having visits to
    cluster pre and post Board meeting.

  • Shyam Ojha and family as they lost a close family member.

  • Good recovery of Maheshwori Maharjan, Prem Maharjan’s wife. Maheshwori
    went through gall bladder surgery on Monday morning.

  • Shyam Maharjan, a staff member of Hospital Services Office is admitted in
    Patan Hospital. The endoscopy diagnosis shows
    gastric ulcer with bleed. Small tissue has taken and sent for examination.
    Please pray for him and his family.

  • Bhawani Dahal’s daughter, Sughana as she
    is suffering from Pneumonia.

  • Daljit Gharti’s wife Maya who is suffering
    from leg pain and bleeding.

  • Final preparations
    for Board Retreat and meeting. Board will have its retreat on Sunday and meeting
    on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Christmas
    Celebrating Committee as they plan and prepare for Christmas Celebration.

  • Akhbila Limbu, a Finance intern, as she learns financial management
    processes with the partners in Bajhang.

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