Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

pray for

  • Safety
    and protection of all travelling to and from clusters and other
    places including all
    those planning to attend Tansen Hospital annual general meeting on

  • Shyam
    Maharjan, Health Service Office’s staff who has admitted in Patan
    hospital for surgery for carcinoma of stomach on Sunday next week.
    Please pray for him, his family and all involved in surgery.

  • 5
    of the children with disability from Mugu are having a follow up
    visit to different hospitals in Kathmandu. Pray that their
    treatment etc will be good.

  • Daljit’s
    wife Maya who is undergoing treatment in Tansen

  • Prem
    Sintan and his family as his uncle passed away on Monday.

  • Funding
    Management Advisor & Advocacy Officer vacancies, pray that good
    applications will be received and also pray for all the processes
    and people involved.

  • For
    wisdom and guidance for Rajendra, Shashi and the team who are
    involved in the ongoing process of making effective and
    qualitative reporting system for partners. Assessments at different
    levels (with team members and partner’s Executive Committee
    members and staff) have been carried out with some action points
    for all levels.

  • The
    extension work in Okhadhunga Community Hospital specially for Magne
    Vestol and the building committee.

  • Magne
    has just heard that his father is very ill in Norway. Please pray
    that he and his wife will be able to return to Norway to see him
    and the work will progress well in their absence.

  • The
    hospital agreement which is with the Ministry of Health and

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